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Week 8 Challenge

So its time for another placebo icon challenge. This week there is a base catagory and a special catagory. You can enter up to two icons in the base catagory, and one icon in the special catagory.

Base catagory
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Pick up to two of these bases, make them pretty, add text, borders, brushes, do with them what you will.

Special catagory
Make an icon using one of the 5 placebo album artworks. You can add placebo and other pictures, text and brushes as well. As long as the icon has one or more parts of distinguishable album artwork on it.

[x]All entries are due in on 9pm GMT Friday 20th. You can enter two icons for the base catagory and one icon for the special catagory.
[x]Post your entries as comments to this post, all comments will be screened.
[x]Post your entries in this form:
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