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Week 7 Challenge!

Ok! So its about time I updated with a new challenge! :p
This weeks theme is new-ness (yes that's a real word according to me). There is a base catagory, a picture catagory and a special catagory. You can enter one icon in each catagory, and you don't have to enter every catagory.

Base catagory
Image hosted by
Make it pretty, add text, borders, brushes, do with it what you will.

Picture catagory
Image hosted by
It's up to you to do what you like with this one.

Special catagory
Make an icon advertising/promoting the new album, bearing in mind that the presumed date of release is the 13th march. The icon can have anything on it, but must have the release date somewhere.

[x]All entries are due in on 9pm GMT Friday 13th. You can enter one icon for the base catagory, one icon for the picture catagory and one icon for the special catagory.
[x]Post your entries as comments to this post, all comments will be screened.
[x]Post your entries in this form:
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lol i bet you thought this was an entry XD

nah, it's just me with my usual 'omg i love the pics' post :p

so yeah... i love the piiiics!! *rofl*
moron :p
when are you actually going to enter?